Located along Ocean Boulevard, this green space stretches from 20th to 36th Place. Appropriately named, it is located on a bluff above the beach and overlooks the Pacific Ocean.

A great place for jogging or taking a stroll, there are benches available to sit and take in the view: The Port of Long Beach, The Queen Mary, San Pedro and Catalina Island.

The small islands just off the coast were originally designed to hide oil facilities and called the THUMS Islands, based on the name of the oil consortium that built them: Texaco, Humble (now Exxon), Union Oil, Mobil and Shell. Since 1967, they have been known as the Astronaut Islands because each is named after an American astronaut killed on a mission.

With constant breezes and natural updrafts, it’s a perfect place for radio-controlled gliders. Hobbyists can often be seen on the bluff with their model planes.

The Lone Sailor© statue at Ocean Boulevard and Paloma Avenue honors members of the Navy and pays tribute to all military personnel brought across the country to serve in Long Beach.

The Long Beach Museum of Art is located on the west edge of the park. Claire’s at the Museum offers upscale dining and an ocean view from the patio.

For more information, please visit: http://www.longbeach.gov/park/park-and-facilities/directory/bluff-park

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