Proud Member of the Safe Spaces Alliance.

Lindsay, Owner of DeadRockers

Meet Lindsay, Owner of DeadRockers! Thank you so much for your public support and fierce allyship to our LGBTQ+ and BIPOC community. Your generous donation in the early days of launching our “You Are Welcome Here” Safe Spaces Alliance initiative allowed us to mail out dozens of decals throughout Long Beach and beyond. YOU ROCK ❤️🤟🏼☠️.

“Lindsay loves being a hands-on owner and can often be found chatting with customers in the shop or showing them the newest arrivals.

Sourcing independent brands, artists, and designers is a very important aspect to Lindsay, not only is it a way to offer unique items to her customers, but it’s also a form of giving back to the punk rock community that has given her so much over the course of her life.

DeadRockers now carries everything from patches and studs, to shower curtains, dresses, & even kitschy gift items.

Thanx for 13+ years of Support!”
~ xx Lindsay xx

1023 E 4th Street
Long Beach, California
(424) 777-3228

For more info, please visit:

Visit Gay Long Beach

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