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Julie at Green Wisdom

Meet Julie, herbalist, holistic teacher and owner of Green Wisdom! She wants you to know “You Are Welcome Here”. Thank you, Julie for stand in solidarity with our LGBTQIA+ community and for all of the healing energy and wisdom you share with others.

“Green Wisdom Herbal Studies is based in Long Beach, CA, where we are cultivating a community of herbalists, kitchen witches, plant lovers, gardeners, healers, and foragers. We welcome all lovers of the green, whether you are a newbie with what you think is a brown thumb (there are no brown thumbs, just folks who haven’t yet learned what to pay attention to yet!), or a doctor interested in herbs, or a scholar who has devoted your life to the healing plants. This is a space for you to cultivate greater knowledge, to engage with the local community, to teach, to learn, to grow.”

Herbal apothecary and school offering quality organic bulk herbs, packaging supplies & locally made herbal products.

702 Cedar Avenue
Long Beach, California
(562) 591-8700

For more information, please visit:


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