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Gusto Bread

Meet Arturo, owner, and baker at Gusto Bread! Thank you for taking a public stance with our LGBTQIA. Having business owners that are welcoming to our LGBTQIA community is pivotal in guiding our investments. “Ayi que darle gusto al Gusto.”

Gusto Bread is an organic panadería in Long Beach, California, specializing in pan and pan dulce made with 100% masa madre (natural leaven : sourdough starter).

Find freshly made loaves, conchas, long breads, nixtamal, polvorones, horchata, café de olla, yerba mate, as well as delicious pantry goods (sardinas, beans), and so much more.

We take pride in being rustic yet intentional.
We’re not classically trained. We are multicultural people with a multitude of backgrounds and aspirations. We love putting our heart + soul into our work, in fact this is where you’ll find us. Here being present to each moment in the evolution of Gusto Bread.”

2710 E 4th Street
Long Beach, California
(562) 343-1881

For more info, please visit:

Visit Gay Long Beach

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