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“This is a boxing club. Kids classes and Adult classes. No frills, gimmicks, just hard work required.”

This boxing gym is for everyone. Different fitness levels, physical abilities, and sports. I offer one on one training. I teach kids how to box, as I myself was taught. My goal is to have a successful amateur team, so if you feel that you kid has potential, bring them here. On the other hand if your kid doesn’t want to fight but you still want them to train hard, they are encouraged to join this gym! I was on the Women’s USA Team 4 years and ranked #1 in the country and I use all the knowledge I acquired to personalize workouts that will help everyone. I have boxing classes for adults and a couple conditioning circuit classes. One of the things, of many, you will love here is the space. There’s plenty of space for you to show up at any time and do your own workout, without feeling crowded. No one likes that, it’s annoying. So come in, take a real boxing class at affordable prices and not an expensive group exercise class.

1630 E Anaheim Street
Long Beach, CA 90802
(562) 739-0717

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