Located at 200 Aquarium Way in the Shoreline Aquatic park stands a 10-story tall lighthouse officially named the “Lions Lighthouse for Sight.” Funded by the Downtown Long Beach Lions Club organization and dedicated in December of 2000, it is a non-functioning “faux” lighthouse built “as a reminder of the Lions Clubs International’s dedication to ending blindness in the world.”

The park surrounding it is a great place to visit, have a picnic and snap a photo of the most picturesque of Long Beach’s lighthouses.

Parkers’ Lighthouse, another faux lighthouse, is an award-winning restaurant, just across the water. Lighthouse enthusiasts note that the operating lighthouse, sometimes referred to as “The Robot Light,” may not be pretty and has been called one of the ugliest lighthouses in the country. It was build in 1949 and is functional in one of the world’s busiest seaports, The Port of Long Beach.

For more information, please visit: http://www.longbeachlions.org/lions-lighthouse.html

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