Proud Member of the Safe Spaces Alliance.

Christy, Owner of The Ordinarie

Meet Christy, Owner of The Ordinarie! Thank you for your public support and welcoming spirit to all who come through your doors. We are honored to have you standing in solidarity with our LGBTQIA community by taking our “YOU ARE WELCOME HERE” Safe Spaces Alliance pledge! Allies like you are crucial to helping our community move closer to equality.

“YOU ARE WELCOME HERE! We stand in solidarity with our LGBTQIA community ❤️ We are honored to be part of Long Beach and what this city stands for: inclusivity, diversity, vibrancy and celebration of all identities. We believe it is vital for everyone to feel safe, included, and respected so we are proud to be allies and supporters of the Safe Spaces Alliance and everything they do!” – The Ordinaire

“A classic American-style tavern providing refreshment and entertainment to strangers and travelers alike.”

“Unparalleled hospitality, classic cocktails, beer, wine, and spirits; featuring revived American comfort food in a modern, yet historically timeless bar.”

210 The Promenade N.
LLong Beach, CA 90802
(562) 676-4261

For more info, please visit their website:

Visit Gay Long Beach

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