THANK YOU, Dr. Anissa Davis, Health Officer for the City of Long Beach, Kelly Colopy Director of the Long Beach Department of Health & Human Services, and Everardo Alvizo, HIV/STD Strategic Implementation Specialist of the Long Beach Department of Health & Human Services, for joining the Safe Spaces Alliance!

We are thrilled and grateful for your public show of support to our “You Are Welcome Here” initiative. Having powerful allies like you who stand in solidarity with our LGBTQ+ and BIPOC sends a powerful message of inclusivity, care, and respect to all who need health and human services. Your support epitomizes inclusivity and humanity!

Stand up for equality and humanity! Take the “You Are Welcome Here” Safe Spaces Alliance pledge. Click on the link in our bio.

Want to help us continue our mission of curating safe spaces? Donate today by clucking on the link in our bio, thank you!

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